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OCIP collaborates with various organizations within Ontario’s innovation ecosystem. These partners offer support to researchers and businesses at all stages of development, from startup to commercialization. Explore our resources below to discover the program or service that meets your needs.

Innovation Ecosystem Support

If you’re a small-medium sized business looking to scale up, the following resources can help you find partners, increase knowledge, and grow your business:

MaRS Discovery District


  • Resources for startups at all stages, from ideation to scaling such as startup toolkits and workshops
  • Access to a vast network of investors, corporate partners, and advisors
  • Workspaces and community events for networking and collaboration

Startup Canada




  • Access to capital, advisory services, and industry insights such as marketing, operations, design, CX, and more
  • Customized banking solutions for technology and innovation companies
  • Networking opportunities within the tech ecosystem

Research and Development (R&D) Support

If you’re a small or medium-sized business or researcher seeking R&D support, you can find partners, increase knowledge, and find funding through the following resources:

Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)


  • Access to cutting-edge research facilities, equipment, research experts, and more with CFI’s online tool Navigator
  • Funding for research infrastructure to support innovative projects
  • Resources to foster partnerships between academia and industry

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)


  • Grants for research in natural sciences and engineering such as the Idea to Innovation grants and Synergy Awards for Innovation
  • Funding opportunities for researchers and students in relevant fields

Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI)


  • Funding and support for collaborative R&D projects
  • Market readiness and commercialization programs such as Collaborate 2 Commercialize, Ready 4 Market and more
  • Networking opportunities with industry and academic partners

Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER)


  • Programs that bridge the gap between education and the workplace such as the Work-integrated learning (WIL) hub
  • Initiatives to develop talent and skills aligned with market needs
  • Promotion of co-op placements and work-integrated learning opportunities

Government and Economic Development

With the following resources, including federal support, the Government supports Canadian businesses through funding, policies, and collaborative actions:

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) 


  • Facilitating business innovation and expansion through the use of ISED’s online tool, the Business Benefits Finder
  • Funding and assistance for industrial and technological advancement
  • Policies and programs that foster a competitive marketplace

FedDev Ontario 


  • Collaborative initiatives to strengthen the regional innovation ecosystem through their delivery partners such as the Aboriginal Impact Capital, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, and more
  • Funding and services for businesses, not-for-profits, and communities



Canada’s Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) 


  • Tailored support to foster economic growth in various regions of Canada 
  • Programs and initiatives to support business innovation and expansion
  • Community economic development and business support services

Intellectual Property and Innovation Management

Businesses seeking insights into intellectual property (IP) can find partners and expand their knowledge of IP by using the following resources:

Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON)


  • Training and educational resources on IP management and commercialization through their programs such as IP Bootcamp and Partner Program
  • Guidance on IP Strategy development tailored to business needs
  • Supports businesses in leveraging their IP for growth and competitiveness
  • Ontario’s IP Ecosystem Map

ExploreIP: Canada’s IP Marketplace



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