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Current and Recent Projects

Many OCIP projects start as a ‘scoping’ project – a short, structured engagement that pairs a business with academic experts and student facilitators to define project goals and parameters.

Toronto Collaboration Platform (TOCP) 

Toronto Collaboration Platform (TOCP) is a partnership between the City of Toronto, CivicLabTOeCampusOntario, and eight of Toronto’s higher education institutions (HEIs). Together, this group uses the expertise in each organization to collaborate on research and development projects to support Toronto’s communities, economy and post-COVID-19 recovery efforts. View TOCP projects at

Past Projects 



Gordon Wood Optical

Dear Snackers

Charmy Pet

Developing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Framework for Vulnerable Communities in Toronto

Health Manufacturing Company

Food Company

Cannabis Company

Environmental Company

Auto Company

Environmental Company

Auto Company

Manufacturing Company

Agriculture Company

Environmental Company

Manufacturing Company

Cannabis Company

Cannabis Company

Supporting Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies

Developing a Digital Equity Policy for the City of Toronto

Pharmaceutical Company

Environmental Company

Environmental Company


Pharma Guide


Refresh Fans

One Art Nation


Simple Movement

Food Company


One Smart World



Maker Wiz

RSC Labs

Control and Ownership of Data Collected by the City of Toronto

The case for municipally owned creative space

Food Company

Telework Framework Development

Plausible Futures – What economic and labour market trends might the City see over the next 3-5 years?

Digital Access – Who is underserved and why?

Toronto Ambient Air Quality Impacts from COVID

Innovations in Tax Filing

Food Company

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