Workforce Training

Workforce training, re-skilling, and upskilling are essential for Ontario’s businesses to compete in the global economy. This includes training on intellectual property and IP literacy. Our members offer numerous types of education and training programs – from short duration micro-credentials to longer certificates and programs.   

Helping Businesses Innovate and Grow

Tap into learning at Ontario’s higher education institutions to help your business succeed with innovation and R&D. Search our Micro-credentials Portal to find fast, affordable, flexible training opportunities or take a look at some examples below. 


Protecting and growing your intellectual property (IP) is key to succeeding in today’s global economy. Ontario’s businesses and entrepreneurs have many ways to access expertise on IP. 

Intellectual Property Ontario (IPON) offers on-demand services including basic IP education and financial support for the protection of and commercialization of IP and IP mentorship. 

Our member institutions provide education and training support innovation literacy, including the following: 

Certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing

Join senior legal and IP specialists from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in this intensive Certificate program – carefully structured to equip you with in-depth knowledge of licensing agreements and key strategies legal professionals need to effectively structure, negotiate and draft IP licenses and to carry-out more effective due diligence on IP assets, including: Essentials of each type of IP and the underlying considerations, Avoiding common drafting and negotiating mistakes, Negotiating royalties, payment and audit terms, Critical issues: insolvency, tax, consulting agreements and cross-border licensing.  

View the Intellectual Property Licensing micro-credential 

Intellectual Property in Applied Research

Understanding applied research in Ontario’s colleges will help you learn not just about Intellectual Property but also what applied research can do for your business. In this course you will meet researchers, technical team members, and industry partners to get a feel for how an applied research project unfolds and how intellectual property is addressed throughout the process.  

View the Intellectual Property in Applied Research course


Leadership and Inclusion (McMaster University)

Everyone has the ability to be creative and adopt innovative thinking. The first step is understanding what these topics really mean, and the multitude of ways they can occur. Learn how to implement strategies that will generate new ideas and solutions, and explore and expand possibilities using an innovative mindset. 

View the Leadership and Inclusion micro-credential 

Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Develop your capability to successfully identify opportunities and lead projects with this innovation leadership training program offered by York University – from strategic planning to the development of new products and operational improvements. You’ll learn to identify and seize untapped business opportunities, create competitive advantage through innovation strategy, and apply design and systems thinking for an integrated approach to delivering growth.   

View the Strategic Leadership and Innovation micro-credential

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